jenrgw Are Pet Car Seats Necessary to Prevent Distracted Driving Accidents?

While the pet car seat industry would likely argue that car seats are important for the safety of your cat or dog (and they very well might be), pet car seats may not always be necessary to prevent distracted driving accidents.

That said, some form of restraint or division between the driver and pet may be necessary to prevent distracted driving accidents. Imagine what would happen if your over eager pup jumped onto your lap and started licking your face while you were driving or if your cat got scared and decided the only place he could ride was on your head. Would you be able to scan the road for potential dangers? Would the time that it takes you to stop your vehicle be delayed? Might you swerve into oncoming traffic?

To prevent these types of problems you may consider a pet car seat, a crate, or some other form of restraint. We know that you love your pet. For your pet’s safety, and for your own, please take the necessary precautions to prevent your pet from being a distraction while you drive.

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