jenrgw Are New Jersey Distracted Driving Laws Effective?

A comparison of cell phone related crashes in New Jersey indicate that state’s distracted driving laws may not be having the intended effect.  A look at the statistics from 2007, the year before the distracted driving law went into effect, and 2009, the first year when the distracted driving law was fully in effect do not produce the results officials would like to see.

While the number of talking on the phone or texting while driving accidents fell 3.2 percent in that time period, the number of hands free cell phone crashes rose 23 percent.

Some suggest that the $100 fine that is possible if a driver is ticketed for breaking the distracted driving law is not enough of a deterrent and that people do not see themselves as distracted drivers when they use their cell phones and drive. 

A bill has been introduced in the New Jersey legislature to increase the penalties for distracted driving in New Jersey.  If the bill becomes law, fines would be raised and licenses could be suspended for breaking the law.

Should this law be passed?  Do you think it will have the intended effect of decreasing distracted driving in New Jersey?

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