jenrgw Are Car Manufacturers Getting Bolder with In Car Technology?

We’ve talked before on this blog about the technology and internet capabilities in new car models and the possible distractions that the new gadgets may cause for drivers. It appears now that there is more reason to be concerned than before.

Car manufacturers seem unconcerned about possible federal safety regulations and see the national push to end distracted driving as beginning to slow, according to a recent Wall Street Journal blog. At the same time manufacturers also see the customer demand for dashboard computers.

Accordingly, manufacturers are adding screens to dashboards that range from 8 to 17 inches and can access Facebook, Twitter, email programs, and the internet. Some systems are voice activated or have steering wheel controls while others allow typing.

What do you think about in car technology? Is it something that you are willing to forego and pledge not to use as part of your pledge to end distracted driving?

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