jenrgw Allentown Ban on Cell Phone Use While Driving Overturned by Judge

Earlier this month, a Lehigh County judge overturned Allentown, Pennsylvania’s ban on using a cell phone while driving. 

Two motorists who were caught using their cell phones while driving brought Allentown to court.  The judge found that the City of Allentown has no authority to ban cell phone use while driving because of a state law that preempts a municipality’s authority to enact such laws. 

The Mayor of Allentown has said he is considering appealing the judge’s ruling because of the dangers of distracted driving.  Mayor Ed Pawlowski has also said that he hopes the state will create a cell phone law so that local governments do not have to fight these types of battles in court.

We will continue to monitor local distracted driving ordinances in Allentown and any statewide cell phone laws in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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