jenrgw 7 Distractions Drivers Need to Know About

A recent survey by the Opinion Research Corp. provides interesting information about distracted driving.  Though cell phone use while driving continues to be an important issue, it is not the only distraction facing motorists.  Specifically, the survey found that:

  • 63% of drivers eat or drink while driving;
  • 57% of drivers change the music while driving;
  • 51% of drivers use a cell phone while driving;
  • 31% of drivers text and drive;
  • 19% of drivers argue with their kids while driving;
  • 8% of drivers take care of personal grooming (such as applying makeup or shaving) while driving; and
  • 3% of drivers even admit to changing their clothes and driving.

Thus, while we continue to combat texting and driving and talking on a cell phone while driving, it is important that we address all types of distracted driving in order to prevent serious crashes.

If you’ve been hurt in a Pennsylvania or New Jersey distracted driving accident, please contact a distracted driving lawyer for more information about your individual case.

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