jenrgw 2010 National Distracted Driving Accident Statistics Released

Recently, the federal government released the 2010 national distracted driving accident statistics. While we typically await such statistics to see how the country is doing in preventing accident deaths, we are unable to make such a comparison this year.

In 2010, 3,092 deaths were caused by distracted driving in the United States. While that number is significantly lower than the more than 5,000 deaths reported in 2009, the government arrived at the 2010 number using a different methodology and is warning Americans that this year’s numbers cannot be compared to those of prior years. For that reason, we don’t know if fewer deaths have actually been reported in 2010 or if the difference is primarily due to the different methodology.

However, we do know that, according to the government, 3,092 people died because of distracted driving and we do know that more can be done in the fight against distracted driving. If you are ready to make a pledge to end distracted driving please share your pledge with us and tell others of the important commitment that you are making.

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