jenrgw 2 Studies Look at Why Passengers are Distracting for New Teen Drivers

It is no surprise that teens who drive with passengers are more likely to be distracted than teens who drive alone. Some states have passed laws that restrict the number of teen passengers a new teen driver may have in the car. While the problem is not new, two recent studies published in the Journal of Adolescent Health look at why passengers may be so dangerous for teen drivers

According to one of the studies, drivers who have multiple passengers are more likely to be thrill seekers than other drivers who have fewer passengers in the car. They may be unable to accurately appreciate the risks of driving and may be more likely to disregard their parents’ rules.

The second study came to a similar conclusion. It found that male teens were more likely to take risks when their friends were in the car than when they drove alone.

Discovering why passengers may be dangerous for new drivers is important for lawmakers, families, and teen drivers who are trying to prevent distracted driving tragedies.

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